Sunbird by Fr. Joseph Joyson

Sunbird is one of my favourite tiny, shiny birds. They go straight for small flowers to extract nectar with their curved beaks, with high precision. They hover over the flowers with high-speed  flutteringof their shiny, tiny metallic blue wings, dancing up-down-east-west-north-south with ease, as the flower swings in the breeze. I used to watch their graceful performance for long, at the  Aloe Vera plants in my balcony. One fine morning one of them coolly flew into my room and perched on my bamboo table-light stand. There were no inviting flowers with nectar in my room. I took it as a friendly peep at an admiring friend! My day was made that day with the visit of my tiny little friend!

Joyson has painted the sunbird as though it is heading straight for the sun! The wings frozen in flight, blurred background hinting at the speed, while the posture of the head indicating the vision of the destiny, the focussed eyes zeroed on the flower and the thrust of the beak pointing to the awaited nectar. The beauty and grace of the little sunbird in a focussed flight is well captured and painted by Joyson after prolonged observation with Franciscan eyes and loving vision. If only we had all our senses fine-tuned to connect with God’s Creation all around us, our life on Earth could be so full of love, peace, joy,… and beauty!

Rappai Poothokaren, S.J.

Xavier Technical Institute,

Sevasi, Vadodara 391101, Gujarat

Mob. 9426304943

The remarkable painting “God’s Hand” by Joyson OFM CAP is based on the Great Kerala Flood August 2018. “Gods Hand” as depicted in the painting was manifested by receding floods, Muthirapuzhayar, old Munnar on 31st Aug 2018 and was reported in Malayala Manorama,  a leading Newspaper in kerala. In the midst of devastating flood it was the God’s intervention that miraculously saved the lives of thousands especially through the unexpected intervention of fishermen community.

By Fr. Joby Asithuparambil, Director,

Little Flower Engineering Inst., S.Kalamassery


God’s Hand”, Acrylic on stretched canvas, 24″x 24″x2, by Fr. Joseph Joyson

 “Airlift” Flood Series by Fr. Joseph Joyson

On a rainy day when i visited Fr.Joyson to exchange some pleasantries, i am told there’s something special  awaiting me…i feel excited to see what it would be and here comes this painting of a pregnant woman being air lifted during the august 2018 floods..one of the deadliest deluges to hit the scenic state close to a century…my happy face changes…i kept observing at the woman…a mix of emotions cloud me..the pain, helplessness, anxiety, fear of this throbbing woman carrying a life in her womb..life within life floats in abandon..This is a beautiful painting by Fr.Joyson depicting how technology comes to the rescue raising those in need above all their troubles. Fr.Joysons vivid imagination of how technology lightens the burden…whether its a blink of a cursor or the buzzing sound of a chopper if used right elevates the user and beneficiary to the next level of revealing humanity. As a mother myself i rewind all the experience a mother undergoes minutes before her bundle of joy is released into this beautiful world…Thankyou Fr.Joyson


Melody Sandeep,

D5, Infra Hillock Phase 2, Parijatham Road, Changampuzha Nagar P.O. Kochi 682033, Kerala, India

Mi chiamo Antonella Vigliotti, vivo in Italia per la precisione ad Asti in Piemonte. Conosco Joyson da parecchi anni. Lo stimo sia come religioso che come pittore. Mi piace molto la sua tecnica di pittura, i colori che utilizza e i sentimenti che vuole esprimere. Il quadro che ho acquistato ha il sigillo ufficiale di Kaalavarsham Kaalavarsham e so che tutti i ricavi ottenuti dalla vendita dei quadri dei circa 300 artisti sono andati al Primo Ministro per le operazioni di soccorso a seguito delle inondazioni in Kerala dell’agosto del 2018. In questo quadro Joyson ha voluto dunque rappresentare quei momenti di disperazione dovuti al drammatico evento. Il sole rotante circondato da colori caldi e freddi rappresentano l’ambiente caotico generato a seguito dell’evento inaspettato. Le rocce a destra rappresentano i sogni spezzati delle persone abitanti in Kerala, che convinti di essere al sicuro in questa splendida terra, sono stati invece colpiti da un evento che ha portato morte e distruzione.

Testimonial-painting, “Flood Series”, Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 1 x 1 feet., Now in possession of a collector, Antonella Vigliotti, Asti, Piemonte, ITALY

This painting ‘Mother Teresa’ (acrylic on canvas “24cmx24cm”) is an exquisite Acrylic work by Artist Vincy Joseph. The selfless charity of Mother Teresa has inspired millions to be more humane and kind in their life. She has risen to be an international icon of peace and humanity, which won her Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. She as a Peace Symbol has come forth in bold colors in this painting.

This portrait of Mother Teresa is presented in flaming colors of yellow, red and blue. Mother used to be a vibrant person; warm to every person she met in hundreds of countries she travelled to. Colors darting at right angles express vibrancy and dynamism of the energy of this saintly person.

This portrait depicts Mother Teresa looking further up towards the eternal spiritual light which supplies her ever flowing energy and vitality. She has a smile in her heart and she says: “Peace begins with a smile.” This portrait will lighten up any heart and any space!

‘Mother Teresa’ (acrylic on canvas “24cmx24cm”), testimonial by Fr. Paul Kattukaran

The “Journey of wholeness”, (“30cmx30cm” acrylic on canvas) the painting by Sr.Vincy Joseph communicates what the title says – a journey and wholeness. A Monk of Kurishumala Ashram is walking down the hill, as if he is floating down the slope. He seems merged with the stillness, the silence and the tranquility of the locale. The green grass, the hill crowned with trees, the blue sky with woolly clouds floating lazily, the mountains in the distance, all present the quiet wholeness of the scene. The Monk is merged with background, in spite of his very red habit. Sr. Vincy has captured the wholeness of the Journey in her painting.

The quiet stillness of the scene – does it come from the Nature around or from the stillness deep inside the Monk? Maybe, they reinforce each other and mingle merrily!

Journey of wholeness”, (“30cmx30cm” acrylic on canvas) testimonial by Rappai Poothokaren, S.J.

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